The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund fulfills its philanthropic mission by supporting progressive change makers. We are committed to advancing the greater understanding and preservation of democracy as well as social justice throughout Canada.

Through strategic grant initiatives, we endeavour to strengthen our democracy, increase worker's rights and freedoms, and develop current and future grassroots leadership. We are all about systemic transformation.

It carries out this work work in collaboration with others to ensure we individually and collectively achieve maximum impact. 


Our Mission






Ruth Goodman


 "After the great depression and the Second World War, people such as ourselves from working class families began to hope that jobs, housing and education would be available for all, but it would seem that the cold war and the hot wars around the world subverted those dreams.

Today there are increasing numbers of very poor people and by contrast a small percentage of people who are richer than some nations. There is no need for this, we could house cloth and feed all of humanity if the wealth was shared equitably and we practiced population control.

Even in wealthy countries like Canada and the US many full time workers live below the poverty line. Extreme poverty and homelessness have become a normal part of our landscape.

The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund, which was established by Michael Goodman, hopes to make a contribution by assisting those organizations who are working to create a more just and equitable world.

Michael, who has always had a strong interest in social justice, specialized in communications and education, believes it is the best way for us to effect the social discourse. He is carrying on the work begun by my husband Henry, myself, and many others who have come before and dreamed of a better world for all. Our idea of giving back, and are our manifestation of carrying on the many fights we took on in my prime.

To Michael and all of you I say: "Question authority and change the world, it desperately needs it. Don’t be lead like sheep to the slaughter."

Ruth Goodman                            



"The Fund supports organizations committed to social equality and ecological sustainability."

                                                              - Michael Goodman



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