Fund Guidelines



We are currently accepting 1-2 page Letters of Intent for the following fields of interest:


  •       Citizen Democracy Outreach
  •       Citizen Action Against Oil, LNG & Dilbert Pipelines, Tankers, and Coal Exports
  •       Grassroots NGO & Citizen Website Partnership Links 
  •       Stopping the Privatization of Canadian Healthcare
  •       Strengthening Unionized Worker Protections
  •       National & Regional Campaigns to Defeat the Harper Conservative Government in 2015
  •       Honourariums for First Use of Activist Photography, Videos, Art, to be placed in the Public Domain


Please Note:  Only those requested to provide a formal proposal will be contacted.


We don't offer grants for:

  • ongoing operational or core expenses
  • retroactive funding, or for any project expenses to be incurred prior to the Foundation's decision date
  • debt retirement or reserves; mortgage pay-downs . office equipment and furniture
  • activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or their direct religious purposes, unless the community at large will benefit significantly
  • large-scale capital and public infrastructure projects (e.g. libraries, schools, health care facilities)
  • league- or club-based sports programs
  • sabbatical leaves, student exchanges
  • travel to/attendance at conferences, competitions, symposia or annual events . bursaries, scholarships and awards


To be considered for a grant, applicants:

  • preferrably a registered charity or other qualified donee defined under the Income Tax Act
  • must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and effective management
  • should demonstrate inclusiveness and respect for cultural diversity
  • should demonstrate a commitment to their project through a meaningful contribution of their own human and/or financial resources.





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