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The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund has been made possible through the financial success of the Tri City Group.

In the 1980 Michael began to more formally take over the family business and expand it into the Tri City Group.  Tri City Estates Ltd, the family Company, had been active in development and finance since the early 1950’s where it engaged in design, construction and real estate finance.  Michael had worked alongside his father building homes all through his formative years and while attending university.  By 1980 Henry had passed away, and Michael along with Ruth, began to expand the enterprise  into the Tri City Group . They carried on focusing on real estate development and finance in an ever increasing scale.  At the same time both Michael and Ruth, continued to be involved in social justice initiatives.  The family ethic has always been to give back and Michael’s sense that it is was better to teach a person to fish, than give a person fish, caused him to set up the fund to carry on the work he had been taught was important from an early age.  Michael’s intent is to use the income generated through Tri City Group to fuel social justice and environmental justice causes through the profits of Tri City Group long after he is gone. 

Tri City Mortgage Funds I and II, are public vehicles whereby small and large investors and institutions can invest funds in carefully selected mortgages which are green to the largest extent possible.   At the very least the Tri City Group aims to do no harm and provides individual, and smaller entrepreneurs  with alternative financing which breaks the stranglehold of the banking monopoly in Canada, while showing an excellent return to our investor partners. The Mortgage Funds are Plan eligible, and open to taking in RRSP, TSFA, and RIFF funds. Founders Mortgage Trusts I and II are intended to be long term income generators for Tri City which will be used for funding the type of causes we support off into the distant future. Others with similar goals are invited to join us and use the wealth created by the mortgage income to fund the kinds of causes which are close to their hearts.  

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