"The Ruth and Henry Goodman fund has been a tremendous help in the development of my films and my overall career. The support received for Myths for Profit: Canada's Role in Industries of War and Peace, allowed for the film to be translated into French and have further distribution at the grassroots level. With the financial assistance for The Carbon Rush, we were able to do the necessary development work needed to do the thorough research and exploration of a complicated but very important topic, which eventually turned into the feature film, but also a book project and online interactive game. With the recent support for Tomorrow's Power we were able to complete the project, after filming in Gaza, Germany and Colombia. The film is now set to go into theatrical distribution across Canada and has been selected in prominent festivals around the world. I owe a tremendous amount to the Ruth and Henry Goodman fund, and I am extremely grateful to be accompanied in my projects over the last decade."

- Amy Miller, Director, Tomorrow's Power






The donation provided to us by the Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund came at a critical moment to help us build the people-power for a more democratic country. Our community is deeply appreciative of their timely and meaningful contribution to the cause."

- Jamie Biggar, Executive Director, Leadnow






"At The Real News Network, our success depends on the support of foundations like The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund. This fund has guts, providing much needed support for our Middle East coverage. They value uncompromising journalism and they have the backbone to put their money where others fear to tread."

- Paul Jay, CEO, and Senior Editor, The Real News Network






"The long-standing support of the Ruth & Henry Goodman Fund for independent media outlets like ours has meant we are able to continue to broadcast diverse and critical voices that are not heard in mainstream media. We have been on the air for 40 years without any commercial advertising revenue, which allows us to maintain our independence and grassroots voice, something sorely needed in these times of CBC cutbacks and media consolidation. We thank the Goodman Fund for their support of the station including of our social justice programs, such as the weekly alternative public affairs program Redeye, and our non-commercial long-standing music programs, such as What the Folk and In the Pines."

- Emily Aspinwall, Director of Financial Administration,

    Vancouver Co-operative Radio CFRO, 100.5 FM 





 "The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund has been a very generous contributor to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The Goodman Fund has provided a general operating grant for the CCPA's BC office, and contributed to our new Climate Justice Project.

Best of all, it has been unsolicited and given with no strings or obligations or reporting requirements. Flexible contributions like this to non-profits like the CCPA are invaluable, as they directly support capacity-building and new initiatives."

- Seth Klein, BC Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives






 "The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund provided valuable support to The Common Sense Canadian's independent journalism, helping us to dig deeper into the key issues shaping Canada's environment and economy."

- Damien Gillis, Publisher, The Common Sense Canadian






 "The David Suzuki Foundation would like to thank the Ruth & Henry Goodman Fund for their ongoing contribution to a sustainable future for all Canadians. They are among the Foundation’s earliest donors, supporting our fight to achieve a high quality of life without diminishing the natural capital that provides us with clean air, water, and healthy food."

- The David Suzuki Foundation        http://www.davidsuzuki.org




 "The Ruth and Henry Goodman Foundation provided timely and important support for the successful rebirth of the Leadership Institute at Hollyhock. 

We hit a series of bumps that culminated with the 2007 recession. Several of our programs ceased due to lack of funds. As we began rebuilding, the Foundation stepped in at a crucial time, providing not only super valuable operating and scholarship funds, but also served to demonstrate backing, that was able to leverage other funders to participate more robustly.

Ruth and Henry Goodman Foundation have been allies who know the value of ongoing training and leadership capacity building for the entire charitable sector. Our success today should be considered one of the Foundations' victories. We are deeply grateful."

- Joel Solomon, Board Chair, Hollyhock  www.hollyhockleadership.org





  "The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund was one of the first contributors to LRWC's project to improve international human rights and humanitarian law enforcement through public education.

Michael Goodman enthusiastically shared the vision that "human rights education constitutes an essential contribution to the long-term prevention of human rights abuses and represents an important investment in the endeavour to achieve a just society in which all human rights of all persons are valued and respected."

The success of the first 4-lecture series-seen by thousands of people in the classroom, online and on television--confirms the need to develop a Centre for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law that provides ongoing free public education. LRWC is grateful for the generous contribution from the Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund and for the manner in which it was given."

- Gail Davidson, Executive Director, Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada






"The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund has been a generous supporter of Pivot since the summer of 2006. Over the last two years, we have developed a very close relationship with the fund based on a shared passion for progressive social change. The Goodman Fund has supported our Sex Work Law Reform Project and recently contributed to the development of our Jane Doe Project which aims to provide holistic legal resources to women who have experienced violence.

We appreciate the openness of the Goodman Fund to support cutting-edge legal projects as well as the straight-forward, personal and engaged approach taken in discussing grants."

- Peter Wrinch, Director of Business and Development, Pivot Legal Society        http://www.pivotlegal.org




 "The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund provided rabble.ca with a wonderful donation that allowed us to put the funding to where we thought it would best serve rabble.  The news is changing and rabble.ca is growing and adding new features and content and the Goodman Fund has helped to make that happen. "

- rabble.ca          http://www.rabble.ca 






"When the Dominion was just getting started, the Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund provided crucial and timely support that enabled us to rapidly expand our membership and operating capacity in a way that maintained our independence."

- Dru Oja Jay, The Dominion






"Acorn Institute Canada uses research and training to address problems in low-income communities. AIC believes that the poverty, discrimination, and community deterioration that exist in these communities are a result of a lack of civic engagement, community leadership and sustainable financial justice and literacy.  AIC exists to address these deficiencies by providing research and leadership training to low income communities. We would like to thank the Ruth & Henry Goodman Fund for generously supporting this initiative." 

- Pascal Apuwa, Acorn Institute Canada board member







""The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund for Social and Ecological Justice was one of the very first supporters of CACTUS (the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations).  Without its assistance, we could not have survived our early years and we are extremely grateful.  We could not do our work to promote more democratic access to media by ordinary Canadian citizens if it were not for foundations like the Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund for Social and Ecological Justice.  It's precisely when one is trying to open up windows of opportunity in established structures that it is hardest to find financial support, so visionaries that are willing to get behind a good idea even if when the idea barely has 'legs' yet are so critical.  Four years later, CACTUS has relatively stable funding, and has been able to effect much positive change in community media in Canada.  Where four years ago there was no conversation, now there is a conversation, and government policy makers know real change is needed.  Canadians now know there is a champion for more democratic access to media, and there is momentum to achieve it."

- Cathy Edwards, Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (CACTUS)







“The contribution Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund for Social and Ecological Justice has made to the OpenMedia Education Fund has been fundamental to our work educating and engaging Canadians in our work to safeguard the open Internet. We wouldn't have been able to craft solutions to our digital deficit without this critical support. “ 

- Steve Anderson, Executive Director, OpenMedia.ca






 "We are grateful for the Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund and donors like Michael Goodman who go to the length they do to make a difference in the lives of people facing cancer.  We are able to fund critical cancer research, leading prevention initiatives and compassionate support programs because of the generosity of our donors."

- Tamara Williams, Donor Engagement Coordinator, Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon Division   http://www.cancer.ca/






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